Bringing High-Speed Internet to your Area is a Team Effort!

Are you interested in being a Champion for your zone? Champions are essential to letting your neighbors know about what the City of Anacortes is evaluating and getting everyone to take the survey so the City can make well-informed decisions. A champion is a person who is interested in getting educated about the program, and is interested in spreading the word to others. It may involve sharing information on Social Media, talking to your neighbors or printing materials provided by us to share among your neighbors and friends. There will even be special Champion events and emails so that you will be kept up-to-date on what's happening with the project.

Are you willing to put some extra effort into bringing high speed internet to your neighborhood? If so, sign up to become a champion for your neighborhood!

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Download the resources on this page to help spread the word in your neighborhood!

Survey Pull Tab Flyer


How Does Fiber Compare


Broadband Bandwidth at Home


Cutting the Cord