The City of Anacortes is building an open-access fiber optic network.

Utilizing excess capacity on our utility telemetry backbone, the City of Anacortes is exploring expanding the fiber network to businesses and residents. The network will be open-access, which means that multiple service providers can use the network to sell services to you. This network strategy has been proven to increase competition, which creates better services and prices for the end users... that's you! This portal will collect survey data to help us understand the demand for broadband services, which we will then use to guide the network buildout.

The City of Anacortes is seeking input from the community on interest in a community-owned fiber to the home network for broadband services. This survey is to gather information on if interest exists in this network, and if so-, where the interest is greatest. If the buildout is feasible, and interest is high, the city will expand the utility network into neighborhoods. Let us explain how the survey system works.

By filling out the survey, you show us where the need and demand for this network is greatest. Where we see great demand we will do an in-depth assessment of the feasibility of extending our network there. We are deeply committed to responsible use of funds, so we will look to the feedback of community members to guide the network expansion. If buildout is viable, we will build first to those who want it most. So keep on encouraging your neighbors to take the survey. The more support in your zone, the greater the chance of getting hooked up to our fast and reliable network. It all follows four simple steps:

Step 1: Gather Interest- Take the community survey to show your interest and need for high-speed Internet services. Don’t forget to tell your neighbors to do the same! The more support in a zone, the better. Once the threshold is reached, the city will evaluate the costs for buildout and go to city council for approval. If approved, your zone will move to step 2.

Step 2: Sign up- You’re getting closer to getting your open-access network connection! If buildout is feasible, the sign up phase will be opened. Sign up for your new service and stay engaged with your neighborhood and if support is high, we’ll soon be deploying your area.

Step 3: Construction- Exciting! You’ve passed the demand threshold and engineering and constructions of the build-out in your area begins. You're on the road to high-speed fiber optic Internet on an open-access community owned network!

Step 4: Connected- Congratulations! You and your neighbors are now surfing in lightning speed with a choice of service providers.