Anacortes City Limits

The city is seeking input from residents and businesses on expanding the utility telemetry backbone for community use. Help us explore the interest for a city-owned fiber network for broadband services in your area. Enter your address below to begin the survey, or select your 'zone' from the dropdown list to learn about the interest in your neighborhood.

  • Step 1Show Your Interest
  • Step 3Construction
  • Step 4Connected

Help get your neighbors connected:

Become a Champion

Adam Farnsworth
Old Town North

Edana Heise
Little Cranberry East

Brian Habets
Mount Erie

Alan Brewer
Flounder Bay

Margaret and Larry Collinge
Pilot Area 2

Paul Benz
Pleasant Creek

Bryan Klein
Flounder Bay

David Uphoff
Little Cranberry West

Ryan Walters
Old Town West

Joel Gilbertson
Flounder Bay

Thomas Hsueh
Ship Harbor

Joe Capitano
Smiley's Bottom

Verner Eglit
Heart Lake

Thomas Haggerty

Bruce McDougall
Heart Lake

Tony Springer
Flounder Bay

Robert Seligman
Tugboat Heights

Barry Schaeffer
Little Cranberry West

Erin Shiflett
Smiley's Bottom

Rose Mallon
Ship Harbor

Gordon Hale
Mount Erie

Phil Tribuzio

Dave Duff
Little Cranberry West

brandy morgan
Guemes View

michael cook
Tugboat Heights

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